Slicing Pie: Sharing Equity Fairly


23.4.2019, 16.00 - 18.30


Why do you want to come?


We're friends. We're excited. All will be for the best. We will all become rich. Let's not think too much and just split the company evenly.


I did more work than you! No, I did! It was my idea! I put up the money! I want out and my share is worth a million dollars! Fuck you!

Too many startups fail because they don't talk up front about the most important decision: "how do we cofound our venture?"


Learn everything you need to know...

About how to USE dynamic equity split - slicing pie method - for your startup

Now possible also in ESTONIA

The toughest tests in your startup's life don't happen in toughest times, but after. In order to avoid the Zuckerberg-Saverin fiasco of who was behind your billion dollar idea, divide the shares in your startup fairly from day one.

As as much as 2/3 of startups fail because of cofounding issues, it is worth it to learn how to do it right. Unfair equity splits rank very high on the most frequent reasons why. A great tool to help you with the sensitive topic of fair equity split is dividing your equity dynamically - based on the real cofounders' contributions. Slicing Pie, the methodology developed by Mike Moyer - is a simple formula based on the principle that a person's % share of the equity should always be equal to that person's share of the at-risk contributions. 

Slicing Pie is not complicated. It is a simple formula based on the principle that a person's % share of the equity should always be equal to that person's share of the at-risk contributions. Every day people contribute more and more to a company in hopes that it will someday generate a profit, go public or sell. Because contributions are constantly being made, the model is dynamic. It self-adjusts to stay fair.

It can be used as ongoing but also very useful tool for starting discussions about equity splits, forecasting or evaluating contributions of founders that started earlier.

Ants Karu from LEXTAL has co-developed the dynamic equity split solution for Estonia. He is one of the top experts in tax and company law in Estonia and one of the founders of LEXTAL. 

On April 23th 2019, Tehnopol Startup Incubator will host a workshop to explain the Slicing Pie model and how it fits to the Estonian legal room. Revisit your startup's cap table and join the workshop to get a better overview of fairly shared equity. 

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You will learn:

  • Different equity splits options that you as a founder can consider

  • Common equity split pitfalls and best practices

  • How you can use dynamic equity split - slicing pie model - for your startup

  • How does the slicing pie method work

  • How do you set it up & manage it

  • How to implement it correctly & what are the advantages

  • What are the legal and tax implications to implement it in Denmark


16:00 Registration

16:15 Introduction by LEXTAL

16.30 Equity splits overview by Cofounding, Jana Nevrlka

16:45 Outline of the Slicing Pie method by Mike Moyer

17:30 How to implement the dynamic equity split in Estonia by Ants Karu

17:45 Q&A

18:00 Apero



Mike Moyer

Author of "Slicing Pie"

Mike Moyer, author of Slicing Pieis a serial entrepreneur who has started a number of companies including Bananagraphics, a product development and merchandising company, Moondog, an outdoor clothing manufacturing company,Vicarious Communication, Inc, a marketing technology company for the medical industry;, a site that helps students find the right college; and College Peas, LLC which provides publications and consulting on a variety of topics including, college admissions, trade shows and job search. 

One of his most significant contributions to the entrepreneurs worldwide was to design what is being called the fairest equity split - the slicing pie model - which is a dynamic equity split model based on the founders real contributions. Next to writing books about it, publishing tools (slicing pie software) and sharing his experience, he is also working with experts worldwide on making it possible to startups globally to use the method.

The definitive guide to the fairest equity split

The definitive guide to the fairest equity split


Jana Nevrlka

Author of "Cofounding the right way"

It all started when Jana Nevrlka realised that there must be a better way to do business partnerships. Since she did not find much knowledge or support available – she decided to fill the gap herself.

With one successful and one failed cofounding experience behind her, Jana as spent the past 5 years learning what’s required to build better business partnerships – and applying that knowledge to help cofounders across Europe to build successful and lasting businesses.

Combining her legal and business background with her entrepreneurial experience and working with leading experts on team assessments, Jana writes and speaks extensively on the subject, works as a cofounding mentor for a number of startup accelerators and universities and supports individual cofounding teams - with setting up their teams to cofounder disputes mediation. Based in Switzerland, Jana also coordinates the development of dynamic equity split templates - to enable the implementation of slicing pie - in Europe.

The definitive guide to cofounding

The definitive guide to cofounding

Ants Karu_1.jpg

Legal expert: Ants Karu

Ants is the Estonian legal expert who co-developed together with Cofounding, Jana Nevrlka, the possibility to implement the dynamic equity split based on Slicing Pie in Estonia.

Ants is one of the top experts in tax and company law in Estonia. He is one of the founders of LEXTAL and has been a member of the Board of the Estonian Bar Association (2010-2016). He has remarkable experience in advising on concluding international transactions. Ants co-developed the dynamic equity split solution for Estonia.

He is also the Honorary Legal Adviser to the British Ambassador to Estonia. Ants graduated from the University of Tartu in 1994 and in his free time likes to stay in shape by playing golf, cycling and orienteering.