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We are strong believers that the horrific failure rate of business partnerships is mainly because of:

・Lack of knowledge.-
・Lack of support.-

To fix it, we focus holistically on the full process — from finding the right cofounders to structuring the co-founding teams and incentives up to equity splits and cofounding agreements.

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According to who you are and your specific needs we help you develop positive and lasting partnerships.


Services for Cofounders

Would you ever consider sky-diving without any prior training or instructions? Probably not. The same should be true for business partnerships! They are great and can be very powerful and successful. If you know how to – from selecting the right cofounders, forming the right team, creating ongoing incentives and splitting the equity to documenting it in your cofounding agreement. Check what you need.


As a future cofounder some of the questions you will be considering are:

Joining an existing team: shall I join? How will I fit? What is the fair equity share I need to negotiate? What else do I need to be aware of?

  • Individual session: information is power. Talk to us to find out what you need to do.

Forming a new cofounding team: do I have the right cofounders? How will we work together as a team? How shall we split the roles and responsibilities? What do we need to know about each other? Do we have an alignment on purpose of the company? How shall we split the equity? What are the options? Vesting? Cliffs? Milestones?

  • Cofounding starter pack: to get you started on the right foot. Includes individual team assignment, cofounders team workshop and development of your cofounding agreement.
  • When is the right time to do it? As soon as you start working together! The legal obligations and liabilities start there! Not once you start generating revenue or incorporate a company.


Are you an existing team and would like to make sure that you are in the best possible shape?

Having the solid base

  • Improve the way you work together
  • Review the team structure, including roles and responsibilities
  • Manage a leaving or joining cofounder 
  • Review your existing Cofounding Agreement. Do not have any? Better late than never.

There is a trouble in paradise

Whether it is a disagreement within the team, dispute with leaving cofounder or team or simple underperformance of the team (or some members), we can help you – cofounder mediation is proven as the least damaging and costly way to resolve disputes. 

Focus on equity splits

It is one of the most important decisions – and one which impacts your business going forward. And we find, there is very little guidance out there. And are here to help.

  • Information on different equity split options and possibilities (fixed, dynamic, vesting, cliffs)
  • Recommendation on what is most suitable for your team
  • Dynamic equity split templates for the DYI (Do It Yourself)

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Services for Investors

Are you considering investing in a startup? Many experienced and successful investors claim to invest in teams instead of ideas. Rightly so as issues within cofounding team are the #1 reason for startups failure, doing cofounding team due diligence should be your top priority. 

Before investment: cofounding team due diligence

The due diligence includes review of the

  • cofounding team structure, composition, team stability, communication and cohesiveness and values alignment
  • existing cofounders’ agreements – written or oral, documented or not and anything around which can have impact on future protection of the project and intellectual property
  • existing equity split  - and its future proofing for changes in the cofounding team 
  • identification of any potential risk areas
  • recommendation for mitigation measures

After investment: cofounding team support & coaching

Help your future team to the highest possible performance by:

  • Right structure of the team – roles * responsibilities
  • Working styles
  • Best communication practices 

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Lectures & Workshops


We can cover

All or any of the 7 steps of business partnerships done right and cofounders communication and conflict resolution.

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Upcoming Events

Investor Summit Liechtenstein 2018, 31st October 2018, Schaan, Liechtenstein

Startup Weekend Zurich, 2-4 November 2018, Zurich, Switzerland

Recent Events

Masterclass: Cofounding & Fundraising Fundamentals, 26th March, 24th April, 21st August, 19th September, Hotel Opera, Zurich, Switzerland

Cofounding workshop, June 2018, Singa Switzerland, Zurich, Switzerland

Cofounding workshop, May 2018, DeTao, ISIB, Shanghai, China

Cofounding workshop, F10 Fintech Accelerator, May & June 2018, Zurich, Switzerland

The rise of female entrepreneurs25th March 2018, Women's Expo Switzerland, Zurich, Switzerland

Cofounding workshop, May 2018, Google for Entrepreneurs, Zurich, Switzerland

Keys to Successful Cofounding, The Powerhouse, Zurich, Switzerland

Cofounders communication and conflict, for Kickstart Accelerator, Zurich, Switzerland

Equity split workshop for Kickstart Accelerator, Zurich, Switzerland

Cofounder workshop for F10 FinTech Accelerator, Zurich Switzerland

Slicing pie introduction, for SICTIC (Swiss ICT Investor Club) – joint presentation with Mike Moyer SICTIC

Partnership agreements for startup founders Swiss Startups Club

Start Right Workshop for Founders, for Startup Bootcamp Amsterdam

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