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Cofounding supports business partners and cofounding teams in getting the basics right so they get the most from being partners. I want to help founders build teams that will win and last.
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Start your business right

Majority of startups and companies fail because of disagreements between founders. Why? Because cofounding isn’t as simple as drawing up an agreement and shaking hands on it.

I use a proven framework that helps you build a cofounding team that wins and lasts.

I have spent past five years learning what’s required to build better business partnerships. Applying this knowledge I help cofounders across Europe build successful and lasting businesses.


Find out what it takes to build a successful cofounding team

Easily apply what you learned within your startup

Enjoy peace of mind and focus on growing your business


No more failed business partnerships!


Business partnerships make a lot of sense. They create more innovation, growth and prosperity than any solo individual.

But they are very hard to get right.

My name is Jana Nevrlka, I am the founder of Cofounding and the author of Cofounding The Right Way.

I help founders build cofounding teams that win and last, using the seven steps Cofounding Framework.

After working with 100+ cofounding teams using the Cofounding Framework, I know how to help you setup your business partnership right from the start!

Stop guessing and get the support you need!

Get your copy of Cofounding The Right Way, take advantage of one of the Cofounding Agreements templates or book your appointment!


Let me guide you on your journey


1. Take action

Read MY book, USE the cofounding templates and let me help you with IMPLEMENTATION.


2. Get clarity

Learn how to setup your business partnership in the right way from THE START.


3. Grow your startup

Enjoy peace of mind and focus on HELPING YOUR CUSTOMERS AND growing your BUSiness.


Choose your service

The lack of knowledge and the lack of support are the main challenges when it comes to failing business partnerships.

To fix this, I focus holistically on the full process - from identifying the right cofounders to structuring the co-founding teams and incentives up to equity splits and cofounding agreements.

According to who you are and your specific needs I will help you develop positive and lasting partnerships.


For Cofounders

Would you ever consider sky-diving without any prior training or instructions? Probably not. The same should be true for business partnerships. Start your business right!

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For Investors

Are you considering investing in a startup? As cofounders disputes is No. 1 reason of startup failure, having the cofounding team due diligence should be your top priority.

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Lectures & Workshops

I cover range of topics - all or any of the 7 steps of business partnerships done right, cofounders communication and conflict resolution.

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“Coming together is beginning.

Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success."



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