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Are you considering investing in a startup? Many experienced and successful investors claim to invest in teams instead of ideas. Rightly so as issues within cofounding team are the #1 reason for startups failure, doing cofounding team due diligence should be your top priority. 

Before investment: cofounding team due diligence

The due diligence includes review of the

  • cofounding team structure, composition, team stability, communication and cohesiveness and values alignment
  • existing cofounders’ agreements – written or oral, documented or not and anything around which can have impact on future protection of the project and intellectual property
  • existing equity split  - and its future proofing for changes in the cofounding team 
  • identification of any potential risk areas
  • recommendation for mitigation measures

After investment: cofounding team support & coaching

Help your future team to the highest possible performance by:

  • Right structure of the team – roles * responsibilities
  • Working styles
  • Best communication practices 

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