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The most complete guide on starting business with partners.

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About the book

Jobs &  Wozniak, Page & Brin, Ben & Jerry… any list of successful companies seems awash with cofounders who are a match made in business heaven. The benefits are obvious: by combining resources, knowledge, expertise and motivation, cofounders can often build something far more successful together compared to going solo. And yet… two-thirds of startups fail because of disagreements between founders. Why? Because cofounding isn’t as simple as drawing up an agreement and shaking hands on it. In fact, there are 7 steps required to build cofounding teams that win and last. Cofounding The Right Way will take you through these steps. 

Get your cofounding team right, and you’ll be in the best possible position to handle any challenge that’s thrown in your direction. Get it wrong, and not even the best business idea will be able to survive. 

"Before you even start talking to potential business partners, read this book – it is the ultimate start-to-finish guide!’

Christos Vakalopoulos, Founder of Aura


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Getting serious with your team? Use the tools to help you setting it right.

Raci Tool Template   Facilitates roles and responsibilities allocation in the team. 

Raci Tool Template

Facilitates roles and responsibilities allocation in the team.