Jana Nevrlka


With one successful and one failed cofounding experience behind her, Jana Nevrlka has spent the past 5 years learning what’s required to build better business partnerships – and applying that knowledge to helping cofounders across Europe build successful and lasting businesses.

Combining her legal and business background with her entrepreneurial experience, Jana writes and speaks extensively on the subject, works as a cofounding mentor for a number of startup accelerators and organizes a knowledge-sharing platform called the Swiss Startups Club. In addition to all that, Jana coordinates the development of dynamic equity split templates in Europe.


  • Qualified in European and International law with an executive MBA

  • CEDR accredited mediator

  • 15+ years of international legal and strategic consulting experience (Clifford Chance, Deloitte, EY) 

  • 3+ years of entrepreneurial experience with successful from start to exit cycle 

  • 7+ years of start-ups coaching experience

  • Direct lessons – one successful and one failed cofounding team

Recent endeavours

  • Founded a strategic consultancy supporting cofounders across Europe

  • Coordinating the development of dynamic equity split templates in Europe

  • Wrote a Cofounders’ guidebook: Cofounding The Right Way - stay tuned – coming soon

  • Cofounding expert, lecturer and jury judge – currently at Kickstart Accelerator, F10, Masschallenge

  • Founded and successfully sold a Swiss, Zurich-based, company in the wellness space - achieving a ROI of over 150% within three years

  • Founded and led the Swiss Startups Club - entrepreneurs networking and knowledge sharing platform

      Random facts

      • Fluent English, Czech and Slovak, almost fluent German and Dutch, and not even close to fluent yet but ambition is there – Spanish

      • Originally Czech-Slovak (half / half), lived in the Netherlands, Ireland and Germany and worked in almost every country we have in Europe – from Finland to Greece

      • Love entrepreneurship, travelling, mountains, good wine, guitar around a campfire and serendipitous way of life

      • Favorite quote: “You should never hesitate to trade your cow for a handful of magic beans.” (Tom Robbins)

      • Book junkie