Cofounder trial period - date first

If you are considering onboarding a cofounder – the wise strategic choice is to try to work together before making the final commitment. In order to do it right, you need to set the framework and define the conditions. It is frequently the different assumptions of the parties that are basis of future disappointments and disagreements. The best advise is prevention.

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Where to find the right cofounder

Where to find the right cofounder is probably one of the top 3 questions I get asked. Wanting your business to have the highest chance to succeed, it is  indeed very important that you identify and select the best possible candidates. Check the overview of typical sources and their pros and cons.

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Jana Nevrlka
All you need to know about finding the right Cofounder(s)

The cofounding team is one of the most important ingredients for building a successful business. But it is not that easy to build a team that will perform and last… staggering two-thirds of startups fail because of disagreements between founders. Learn how to do it right in this series, covering who is the right cofounder, cofounders dating and trial period and implementation tips.

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7 simple steps of cofounding the right way

Cofounder teams are more likely to succeed in the long run than solo founders. This belief is shared among many startup ecosystem members - from investors to accelerators. However, unfortunately, about 70% of business partnerships fail because of people / cofounders’ issues. How is it possible that if partnerships are good for us, why are we so disastrously bad in it? Because we underestimate the conversations necessary to set it up right, the knowledge required, and the time needed.

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How to protect and prepare - case of a leaving cofounder

With change being the only constant, the question is not whether but when and what changes you will have to deal with.

Within the cofounding team, a very frequent, very disruptive, but often unforeseen scenario is a leaving cofounder. How to handle it? The best answer is by being prepared for the case it does happen - BEFORE it happens.

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