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Why Cofounding

Cofounding a business has several benefits because by combining resources, knowledge, expertise and motivation, cofounders can often build something far more successful together compared to going solo. Nevertheless, 70% of startups fail because of disagreements between founders.

Why? Because cofounding isn’t as simple as drawing up an agreement and shaking hands on it. Get your cofounding team right, and you’ll be in the best possible position to handle any challenge that’s thrown in your direction. Get it wrong, and not even the best business idea will be able to survive. So why not to maximise the chances of your company to succeed?

Partnerships make sense. They create more innovation, growth and prosperity than any solo. They just seem very hard to get right.

There are 7 steps required to build cofounding teams that win and last. 

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About Us


It all started when Jana Nevrlka – simply realised that there must be a better way to do business partnerships. Since she did not find much knowledge or support available – decided to fill the gap herself.

With one successful and one failed cofounding experience behind her, Jana Nevrlka has spent the past 5 years learning what’s required to build better business partnerships – and applying that knowledge to helping cofounders across Europe build successful and lasting businesses.

Combining her legal and business background with her entrepreneurial experience, Jana writes and speaks extensively on the subject, works as a cofounding mentor for a number of startup accelerators and organizes a knowledge-sharing platform called the Swiss Startups Club. In addition to all that, Jana coordinates the development of dynamic equity split templates in Europe.

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Watch the video to get the feel: Cofounding Workshop for F10, Zurich based FinTech Accelerator